Discover the excitement of Keno with our selection of top-rated online casinos. Learn the game’s rules and strategies with our detailed guide, and start playing Keno like a pro for a chance to win big in this popular lottery-style game.


Keno happens to be one of the most difficult casino games to win and the house has roughly a 30% advantage against you depending on how you play. There are 80 numbers used in keno and you’ll need to choose numbers in between these numbers. Keno has been around for a very long time and was created in China, but it’s now a worldwide favourite casino game that is enjoyed by thousands of gamblers. Keno is one of the easiest games to learn and play, but it has some of the worst odds of winning and you should understand this before placing any bets.

To begin playing keno you will need to select 4-10 numbers from 1-80. Each number you choose is known as a “spot” so the minimum spots you’ll have is four and maximum ten. You’ll need to find a keno ticket booth in the casino where you fill out your selections. You then need to go to one of the keno clerk desks and make your wager. Once you make your wager you can take your ticket and wait for the keno balls to be drawn. You can check off any numbers you have that show up on the keno screens around the casino and if you get enough numbers right on your ticket then you win some money. Keno boards are all over the casino, but usually you’ll find some right near the ticket desk.

Depending on the casino you’re playing in will affect certain things like wagering and how much you can win. Most casinos have a policy of $1 minimum bets although it’s possible to find some casinos with wagers as low as $.05. The amount you can win varies depending on how many numbers you get, but you could potentially win around $50,000 from only a dollar wager. If you’re not sure if you’ve won you can look at the casino keno payouts or you could just take your ticket back to the ticket desk and they’ll check it for you.

Keno isn’t a game of strategy and most people who play keno are just looking to have some cheap fun and kill time. Keno won’t cost you an arm and a leg to play so it won’t matter if you don’t win anything on it and it will be exciting. You also have the chance of winning it big if you get lucky which is why it attracts a lot of elderly people. If you spent $10 a day on keno to spend the entire day having fun then it’s very cheap entertainment and you could easily cover your losses with one win.

A lot of people use numbers from birthdays, lucky numbers and anything else you could think of. There is no strategy involved as there is 80 balls spinning around and there is only one ball of each number available. This means that every single ball has the same probability of being picked and therefore anyone could win. If you’re looking to win money at the casino then you might want to stay away from keno and focus on games with better odds, but if you just want to enjoy yourself and kill some time in the casino then keno is great. I don’t recommend betting a lot of this as even small bets payoff huge when you hit a keno.

Keno Strategy

Keno is a game played in both online and brick and mortar casinos that is very similar to lotteries that most states have. In the game of keno players receive a ticket with eighty numbers on it. The object is to select twenty of these numbers and then hope they are the numbers selected. The house then draws twenty numbers from a pool of eighty and then displays them in the Keno lounge. At a real casino, keno is a slow paced game that is great to play when you just want to relax and have a drink. Keep in mind however that the odds are horrible when you play at a real casino. In many cases the house edge for Keno is as high as twenty five percent, a true loser’s game.

The best way to play keno is to find an online game that is tailored more towards the player. There are several online keno games that have a house edge of between five and ten percent. While these are still pretty poor odds, they are better and keno can offer some amazingly high payouts for very little money. Keep in mind that online games run at a much faster pace than live casino games. You however will have to weigh your options as to what type of game you want to play. At a casino, your odds are horrible but you can stretch your money out over a longer period of time because the games run at a turtle’s pace. At online keno games, your odds are better but the game runs much faster so it’s a double edged sword that could go either way.


Unfortunately there really is not any strategy for playing keno; it is purely a game of chance. Now, there are some ideas that you could try that might make you feel like you are applying some higher strategical thought to keno, but ultimately the math and probabilities suggest that there is simply no way to beat the game. If you are so inclined however you might want to try the following strategies:

  • Try playing numbers that haven’t come up in awhile. Over time, they should come up.
  • Try playing the same set of numbers for several rounds
  • Try picking numbers that are right next to each other in rank

Now of course most of these ideas are from seasoned keno players who feel over time that these strategies offer the best chance at winning.

The best winning strategy for keno is to simply enjoy the game. If you come into the game thinking you are going to lose all your money then there would be no reason to play. Keno is a very cheap game to play and it can offer some amazing payouts. Now, these payouts might be very hard to achieve, but it is fair to say that wagering one to two dollars with the chance of winning a quarter million might just be worth it, especially if your goal for the night was to head out to the casino and just have some money gambling.