Visa Casinos

One of the most common payment types for online and retail purchases are credit cards. Among them Visa is probably the most well known and most widely available credit card brand. Learn more about Visa and credit cards here.

About Visa

Visa is a company that facilitates electronic funds transfers worldwide, which mostly happens via credit cards or debit cards that have been issued by banks that partner with Visa.

Visa does not actually issue cards, credits, rates or fees itself, but enables financial institutions with their branded payment products, who then offer their customers credit, debit or prepaid programs.

The first credit cards were developed in the United States in the late 1950’s by the Bank of America. The Visa brand was only licensed in 1976, however. The term ‘visa’ was actually conceived by the founder of the company, Dee Hock, who believed that the name would be easily recognized in many languages and countries.

How does it work

Usually you will apply for a credit card with your private bank, but there are also credit card issuers that exclusively offer credit cards, where you won’t have any other account than a credit card account.

There are two main forms of Visa cards: credit and debit cards. We explain the differences below.

Visa Credit Card

If your bank or a credit card institution is giving you a credit card, it means you’re not withdrawing money from your own funds when you make a purchase, either online or at a retail store. The bank or credit card issuer is actually paying the bill for you.

In turn you get a bill at the end of the month, which lists all your credit card transactions, sums up the amount you spent in total and asks you for a certain amount to be paid pretty much right away. Most customers pay back their credit card bills in set instalments as requested by the bank. The bank or credit card issuer will also add an interest fee to the return payments. Those tend to vary significantly between different banks and are always set in the conditions of your credit card.

Visa Debit Card

The Visa debit card has been issued by your private bank and is a different version of your regular ATM card. Not all banks have debit cards yet, mind you. Whilst a Visa debit card displays the Visa logo and very much works like a Visa card when making online purchases, it does draw only from the available funds in your personal bank account. There is no credit available here and at the most you would dig into your overdraw funds when using this card.

Thus there are also no interest fees charged when using this card and more often than not withdrawals are free of charge as well.

Visa Prepaid

This is the third form of a Visa card and only contains a prepaid amount on the card itself, but is not actually attached to any other account. You can recharge this card like any other prepaid card, but you can use it for online purchases where Visa cards are an available payment option.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals using Visa at online casinos are pretty straightforward. You’ll need to click on the cashier, chose Visa as the deposit option and then select the amount you wish to deposit. You’re then asked for your 16-digit number and the security code on the back and away you go.

Visa also allows you to request withdrawals from your online casino account to your credit card or debit card account, both is possible. Once again you choose Visa as your option and then authorise the withdrawal from your casino funds.

The main drawback for some customers here is the fact that you do have to enter your credit card details, which not everyone is comfortable with.

Also, some online casinos do charge withdrawal fee when using credit cards, though thankfully no deposit fees.

Bonuses and other advantages

Using Visa as a payment options usually makes all bonuses an online casino offers available to you. We’ve never encountered restrictions when using Visa for deposits to claim online casino bonuses. At the same time we have also never really seen particular bonus offers that are aimed at credit card or Visa users.

Still, it is most definitely an advantage to be able to use Visa without being excluded from bonus offers and to use it for deposits as well as withdrawals.

Another advantage is the fact that Visa is accepted almost anywhere in the world. It is very secure and all transactions are traceable. Fraudulent activities are insured and most credit card issuers will track unusual purchases or spending habits, asking you to confirm their validity.

Generally the transaction fees tend to be low for credit cards, but keep an eye on the interest that is being charged, which can be prohibitive from some banks and credit card institutions.

Online Casinos using Visa

Well, since a majority of online casinos does work with Visa, you’ll have trouble finding an online casino that doesn’t. All of our reviewed online casinos also allow Visa as a deposit and withdrawal option, which means for you that you have to look at other criteria when choosing an online casino.

We have included comprehensive guides on what to look out for and we thoroughly review all our preferred online casinos before recommending them to you. So simply click on a review and find out all you need to know about an online casino there.