High Roller Casino Bonuses

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High Roller Bonuses

Many online casinos offer just one welcome bonus that gives players on average 100% and up to €100 on their first deposit. That amount may vary, but it is a standard you will encounter frequently.

Other casinos, especially bigger ones or those that have been around for longer, will cater to various budgets and player types. Thus some online casinos offer welcome bonuses for the casino, the live casino, the sportsbook, the poker room and more. If a casino offers a high roller or VIP scheme, you can also expect to find a high roller bonus here. That’s the kind of bonus we want to take a closer look at now.

What are High Rollers?

“High roller” is the most common term for casino players who tend to drop a lot of cash. They have a high bank roll at their disposal and will usually spend it on classic casino games, especially poker and baccarat, but certainly roulette and blackjack as well.

In movies you’ll have seen those extreme high roller types that are greeted by the casino bosses, get the whole package VIP treatment, including free cars, free hotel suites and a number of other perks. At online casinos high rollers receive preferential treatment as VIPs as well, though it looks a little different here.

The higher you are on the VIP ladder, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. Some of them include a VIP manager, special bonuses, special promotions, faster and higher withdrawals, birthday presents and invites or even tickets to special events.

Can I become a High Roller?

In theory anyone can become a high roller. Some people already have a lot of spare cash that they like to gamble at online casinos (or landbased casinos for that matter). But as long as a casino has a VIP or loyalty scheme and you keep climbing from one level to the next, it is possible for you to become a high roller as well.

One should keep in mind, however, that that involves a lot of gambling activity. Additionally, once you reached a certain VIP level, you don’t automatically remain there. Players have to keep their activity up in order to stay on the latest level they achieved or climb even higher.

That aside, not all online casinos allow you to become a VIP member automatically. Some prefer to keep their VIP clubs exclusive and only extend an invite to a player once they have proven themselves.

High Roller bonuses

One of the advantages of being a high roller are the bonuses you may get here. Casinos that cater to high rollers will typically also offer a high roller welcome bonus as well. And more often than not you will likely receive at least €500 extra, though often much more than that. Those bonuses tend to offer a 50% or 100% match amount on top of the money you deposit yourself.

It is quite likely that the rollover requirements are a little higher (perhaps 40x) than for normal bonuses. Other restrictions may be lenient, however, allowing players a wider range of games to play that contribute at higher rates. You may remember that often only slots contribute 100% when it comes to wagering requirements. High rollers, however, are unlikely to spend all their cash on slots. So it is occasionally easier with a high roller bonus to also get a decent contribution rate when playing card or other table games.

Since every casino handles this differently, you will always need to read the bonus terms for high roller bonuses as well.

VIP bonuses

When it comes to welcome bonuses, high roller bonuses are easily recognized because of the extra money players can get with them. Outside of that most casinos will not advertise their VIP or high roller bonus to the general public.

Special bonuses for high rollers usually fall under the category of VIP bonuses, which are handled by an account manager. If you are a so-called VIP at an online casino, your account manager will make you aware of special reload- or cashback-bonus offers that you may peruse.

It’s somewhat difficult to give you a general idea of what to expect. But online casinos just like their landbased cousins do value high rollers and VIPs and will make sure to keep you happy with regular offers and attractive incentives.

Where to find high roller bonuses

If one of our reviewed online casinos offers a high roller bonus or a VIP program, we will make mention of it. On our pages you will be able to find the high roller bonuses listed as well, which should make your search easier.

You will soon realise that we have not covered every casino out there and therefore our list is incomplete. For high roller bonuses the same rules apply like for all other casino bonuses. Before you accept one of them, make sure you know all the terms and conditions. And before you sign up at an online casino that appears to have a particularly generous high roller bonus, make sure to have done your research on its reputation.

Some online casinos have an excellent reputation when it comes to catering to their high rollers. If you have questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact us.