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We review only the best and most trusted online casinos for you. To kick off your experience here and learn more about how we review casinos, you should check out our dedicated articles about online casinos and what to look out for before signing up.

And then you can head on over to our reviews section and learn all about the casinos we have reviewed for you. Rest assured that we don’t post anything here that we’re not fully behind. No online casino ever manages to reach everyone and no casino is ever truly perfect. But it really depends on what a player is looking for and what they need in an online casino.

Our objective is to give you the best possible overview and offer and unbiased view of any given online casino. If we find flaws or things that could be improved, we’ll be sure to let you know. At the same time our ratings will give you an indication of how each casino does overall. And if we don’t feature it, we either don’t trust the casino or we simply have not yet gotten around to reviewing it.

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Kaboo steps things up a notch. Here you don’t just play slots, level up and travel to a new ‘planet’. Kaboo is a different universe entirely. And it is dark. Fans of sci-fi and gambling will most definitely love it.

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New casinos

Which brings us to the next subject: new casinos. Here we mostly introduce brand new online casinos to you. We use the same criteria reviewing these as we use for any other online casino. But we’ll also make sure to let you know, if we’re dealing with a trusted operator here and how the licensing situation of a new online casino is. After all, new casinos have yet to prove themselves, but with trusted operators and the proper licenses, we can at least make a recommendation whether or not you can check the new casino out.

Additionally, you’ll find newly reviewed casinos here. Before a newly reviewed casino (one that has usually been around for some time, but that hasn’t been reviewed by us yet) gets lost among the slew of other casinos we have already reviewed, we’ll make sure you’ll find all necessary information about it right here.

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New slots

Slots are the main staple of just about any online casino. Whilst many casinos will also offer table games, live games and some even a range of other products, no online casino could really work without plenty of slots.

And believe us when we say plenty. Most online casinos feature at least several hundred of them, but many also offer slot libraries of a thousand or more slots. It all depends on how many game developers a casino works with and who they intend to offer their games to.

In this particular section you’ll find all the new slots that have been released by the developers in recent months. There are so many releases every month, we might need a little time to catch up here. But eventually we will and you’ll be able to read up on new slots, learning their mechanics and specials and perhaps getting an idea whether or not you might want to try the slot.

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Game developers

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No online casino would amount to anything without its games and those are provided by a variety of game developers. There are dozens of them, some better known, some as of yet unknown. We have put together a list of some of the best game developers currently around. We introduce the developers in as much detail as we were able to collect and will give you examples of their work and, of course, where to find their games.

Many casinos work with a number of developers these days, which means with most developers it won’t be too difficult to find their games. But we also realized that not every developer works with just anyone, and so some are more difficult to locate around the net.

Hopefully we’ll be able to add more developers over time, though for now the best known ones have been covered by us.

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Progressive jackpots are among the favourite games at online casinos. After all, chasing a life-changing win can be very tempting indeed and we know that progressive jackpots are won on a regular basis (just check out our news section, where we cover big wins regularly). So, chasing these wins is not entirely futile.

In our jackpots section you’ll not only learn about jackpot games, but we also track all big jackpots from the different providers. That means you can learn in one place where each jackpot is at and decide which one you might want to go after. Smaller jackpots could indicate that they have only recently been won, but the bigger a jackpot, the longer it has been waiting for a lucky player to claim it.

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Jackpot Giant £10,452,482 Playtech Play now
Major Millions £5,379,847 Microgaming Play now
Mega Moolah Isis £5,067,181 NetEnt Play now
Mega Moolah £5,067,181 NetEnt Play now
Mega Moolah €5,066,497 NetEnt Play now
Mega Moolah Isis €5,065,029 NetEnt Play now
Mega Moolah $5,050,086 NetEnt Play now
Mega Moolah Isis $5,050,086 NetEnt Play now


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What’s new in the iGaming world? That’s what you find out here. Jackpots won, new games released, special promotions, deals between casinos and developers, new regulations and all the rest of it – if we believe it to be relevant to you or of interest, we will write about it in our news section.

It’s best, if you check in regularly, because we do write almost every day. And if lots is happening, we will write even more about it.

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