Fortress Charge


Fortress Charge Slot Review

Fortress Charge is a video slot from Crazy Tooth Studio exclusively developed for Microgaming. With 6 reels and 3 rows you get only three paylines. Released in June 2020, this game can be played at online casinos such as Rizk, Unibet or Vera&John.

Theme and general information

The fortress in the title suggest some sort of medieval or fantasy theme and you wouldn’t be wrong. We’re going to go with fantasy here because of the elves and monsters, which were probably not around in medieval times.

Think of Dungeons and Dragons or role-playing computer games we liked to play as kids. Except, we get to do no more than spin the reels in this particular adventure.

The frame for the action is the fortress and three levels inside it. On the first reel, only the fighting heroes and heroines land. On reels 2 to 5 we get villains and obstacles. On reels six we get the fortress that the heroes charge if they can overcome the obstacles and villains.

The heroes are a beast, a dragon, an elf, a knight and a dwarf. The villains and obstacles are a boulder, spikes, a scorpion, an ogre and a gorgon. There are also shiny shields, spears, magic wands, wooden shields and potions that can be picked up on reels 2 to 5.

There are no wilds in the game and no scatters. The fortresses differ in value and can pay out up to 1,500x our stake tops.

None of this explains anything about the gameplay and you will find that this does not play like a classic slot at all. Indeed, the only thing that makes this a slot are the reels spinning with the various symbols.

You can play this game from 0.10 to 15.00 per spin.

Charge the Fortress for Wins

The gameplay of Fortress Charge is not as complicated as it may sound once you start playing. Basically, one of the heroes needs to drop onto reel 1 (in theory one can land on every row) and they will charge towards reel 6, where the fortress (which can land in different sizes and with different prizes) awaits. On the way there, they may encounter a villain or an obstacle and depending on the hero, they are able to defeat the villain, or they are defeated in turn.

What helps are the chests that land, which open up to equip the heroes with additional help in the form of the spear, potion and shields or even magic wand, which is the only item that overcomes all obstacles and villains.

Heroes need to defeat one villain at a time and move on reel forward towards the fortress. If they are defeated, the spins continue as usual. If the heroes succeed, they bag a coin prize and hopefully arrive at the fortress and the end of their arduous journey.

Randomly, a fireball may drop from above, destroying the obstacle the hero faces and allowing them to move forward one reel.

And that’s about it. If more than one hero lands at a time, they will each get to move one at a time. If one gets eliminated, the other one will continue until they succeed or not.

Verdict: Love or hate Fortress Charge, it is undoubtedly unique

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of Fortress Charge is 96.45%, which is quite good, though this game is highly volatile. That said, the hit rate is not great, and you can expect to see a hero landing about once every ten spins, perhaps twice if you are lucky. But no more than that.

And if the hero doesn’t land, nothing is happening. The reels just spin along and that’s it. Which can be rather boring.

Fortress Charge may really only be for those who like adventure or fantasy games, role-playing games or something that is simply unique. Because that it is. It may not play like your usual slot game, but for a while it is quite fun. At the end of the day, you will either love it or hate it, though.

Still, the maximum potential is 16,000x our stake, which may just make it worth a try regardless.


Mobile Free spins
Yes Yes
Lines Bonusround
3 No
Reels Progressive
6 No
RTP Wild symbols
96.45% No
Min. Stake Autoplay
0.10 Yes
Max. Stake Multiplier
15 Yes
Volatility / Hit Frequency Scatters
High No
- -

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