Alchymedes Slot Review

Alchymedes is a video slot from Yggdrasil Gaming with 5 reels, 4 rows and 30 paylines that pay both ways, meaning winning combinations of three or more matching symbols are paid out from left to right and right to left. This interesting slot can be played at online casinos such as Rizk, Betser or Dunder Casino.

Theme and basic information

The theme of this Yggdrasil Gaming slot is announced in its title: alchemy. The title does suggest some sort of wizard by the name of Alchymedes behind the reels, but we never get to see him. Instead, we’re looking at his lab equipment. The reels are flanked by tubes and vials on both sides and among the symbols we find various potions (green, blue, orange and purple) as well as card suit symbols (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) that are surrounded by magical diagrams.

The game has a dark, mysterious feel about it and is, of course, beautifully drawn, offering some great details, such as the skull with the candles on top. The background music is somewhat brooding, adding to the overall ambience of the slot.

The potions are the high value symbols, with the purple one offering 500 coins for a 5-of-a-kind win. The orange one follows with 400 coins and the blue one is worth 300 coins for such a winning combination. The green potion still yields 200 coins. You can play this slot from as little as €0.30 per spin and as much as €150 per spin.

Basic gameplay

Whilst there’s no distinction between a base game and a bonus game, we want to explain the basic gameplay and the bonus features separately. You play with 30 paylines in this slot, which pay out both ways, effectively giving you 60 paylines. Those paylines are set.

Coins can be changed in value, thereby adjusting the overall bet you can make. If you’ve played a few rounds at a certain bet, you will use your level progress, if you change the bet randomly. You can regain your progress by changing back to the bet you were last on, but you shouldn’t spin the reels before doing so. If you want to increase or decrease your bet without losing your progress, you should wait until you have completed a level before starting a new one.

Whilst auto-play is available, it is almost unnecessary to set it beyond 50 spins at a time. The auto-play will always stop once you have completed a level and it never took us more than four dozen spins to do so.

alchymedes slot

Bonus features

As we mentioned, there’s no separate bonus game in Alchymedes. However, the game has plenty of great features. The main feature is the Wild Pattern on the left side and the Increasing Multiplier on the right side.

Whenever you start a new level, you are looking at a set of scales to choose whether you want a more advantageous Wild pattern (which usually also increases the number of possible Wilds that are included) or whether you want to increase your multiplier more effectively.

The vials on the left show you the pattern of the Wilds that may show up. Whether you get all of the 2 to 5 wilds (depending on how you set the scales) depends on where the starting Wild lands from which all other Wilds expand. Often you may therefore only get 1.

Here you also see your level progress, which is determined by the filled-up tiles behind the symbols. They fill up whenever the symbol becomes part of a winning combination for the first time. When all tiles are filled, the level is complete. This usually took us between 15 and 45 spins.

The vial on the right shows us the multiplier that will be applied to the very last win that completes the level. You will usually start with a 1x multiplier, which than randomly fills up and increases. The more spins it takes you to complete a level, the higher your chance at increasing your multiplier. Also, it can sometimes jump up from 1x to 3x and then 5x or so. The highest multiplier we ever got was 9x, which also yielded one of our biggest wins.

Additionally, it’s possible to start the new level, once you’ve set your scales, with a bonus feature that gives you a coin win, a higher multiplier (2x or 3x) to start with or a boost option to increase your multiplier more quickly. Finally, you could also get one or two additional pattern positions for the Wilds, thereby increasing your total number of Wilds.

alchymedes slot bonus

Conclusion: A magical slot that can be very rewarding

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) for Alchymedes is 96.1%. Either we were really lucky, or this is not a realistic value, but we felt we won more and more often than that. The features are a staple in this game, though you won’t often get the added bonus in the beginning. The game can be incredibly worthwhile, especially when you get a good combination of Wilds and your multiplier increases quickly.

Chances are, you’ll keep trying this game until you have played the various options of tilting the scales, either in favour of the Wild patterns or the increasing multipliers. We ended up favouring the multipliers, because you’re still not guaranteed more Wilds when you favour those. That is also true for the increased multipliers, but we were just better off with that option. We recommend you try it for yourself and see what suits you best.


Mobile Free spins
Yes Yes
Lines Bonusround
30 No
Reels Progressive
5 No
RTP Wild symbols
96.1% Yes
Min. Stake Autoplay
0.3 Yes
Max. Stake Multiplier
60 Yes
Volatility / Hit Frequency Scatters
Low-Medium No
- -

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