Wild Worlds


Wild Worlds Slot Review

Wild Worlds is a video slot from NetEnt with a 5×5 grid of symbols and an all ways pay function. Released in April 2019, you can play this game at online casinos such as PlayOjo, Maria Casino or Twin Casino.

Theme and basic information

Wild Worlds is another unique slot from NetEnt. It comes with a cartoonish monster superhero theme that we can’t specify any better than this.

So, we’re looking at a 5×5 grid of reels on the right-hand side of the screen and on the left-hand side we see the three heroes of the game: blue bird, green bird and pink bird. They don’t seem to get any other names than that. They’re sitting inside their headquarters, watching computer screens, but ignoring the occasional massive alien monster lumbering around the city in the background.

Those monsters appear randomly and don’t seem to have or trigger any function. They’re just there.

The background soundtrack is synthesized and nothing special.

They symbols are laid out on a 5×5 grid and 3 symbols of the same kind touching each other horizontally or vertically will form a winning combination. Thus, you can get 5-of-a-kind wins vertically or horizontally. The wild is worth 2,000 coins for such a win. And the high win symbol, a black gem framed in gold is also worth 2,000 coins.

Then there are three gem-like symbols showing the faces of the three heroes. They’re each worth 500 coins for five of a kind. The three regular gems in blue, pink and green are worth 80 coins for such a win.

Wins cascade, meaning that winning combinations will be removed from the reels and new symbols drop in from above, hopefully yielding more wins. But there’s no multiplier here.

You can play this game from 0.20 to 400.00, which makes it suitable for high rollers as well.

Hero wilds and destroy feature

You will notice fairly soon once you begin playing that the three medium-value symbols, the gems with the faces of our heroes, transform into wilds. Whenever three of the hero gems form a winning combination, they will be removed just as any other winning combinations. But all matching remaining hero gems turn into wild symbols. This makes it much more likely that more wins will follow.

Additionally, there is the destroy feature, whereby one of the three hero birds gets up from their seats and destroys all symbols on the reels that don’t match their colour. Thus, only the pink symbols remain when the pink bird triggers the feature, and so forth. The newly created space makes room for new symbols to fall in from above. This feature is completely random and only triggers on a non-winning spin.

Levelling up by beating aliens in the free spins

The scatter in this game is round and shows an ‘S’ in the middle, framed by the colours of the three birds. You need three of them to trigger the free spins. You will receive 8 free spins initially.

A wheel of fortune appears, which will spin and determine which world you’ll visit. Whichever world you end up in, the basic setup is the same: on the left-hand we see the three heroes battling a monster. On the right-hand we see the 5×5 set of reels again.

Whenever you get a win with one of the heroes, their health meter fills up, which then allows them to fight the monster they’re facing. The bigger the win you get, the more forceful the punch that is delivered to the monster.

When you manage to fill the health meter, it enables the hero to deliver a punch that will destroy the monster in one blow.

Depending on the world you’re in, you get the following feature whenever you defeat a monster:

  • Dark Forest – A spreading wild is added to the reels when you defeat a monster. If it creates a win, it will explode, otherwise it will spread to adjacent symbols.
  • Fire Lands – 2 to 4 random wilds are added when a monster is defeated.
  • Ice World – A stack of 2 wilds is added to the reels for each monster that is defeated.

During free spins, you will face three captain monsters with 15 health points each and the final boss monster that has 105 health points. Thanks to cascading wins, it is usually possible to get at least to the boss monster of the first world you land in.

If you manage to beat the boss monster, you’d be taken to one of the other worlds and you’d receive another 8 spins to defeat new captain monsters and a boss monster.

Conclusion: Colourful, unique and very entertaining

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of Wild Worlds is 96.47%, which is well above average and a good value. The slot is not very volatile and mostly the wins won’t be massive either. You can expect regular wins and wild appearances in the base game. Whether or not the destroy feature is worth anything is hard to say, because often we didn’t really get much afterwards.

In any case, the free spins are very well done and very entertaining, able to yield impressive wins. But when we played Wild Worlds for the first time, we didn’t manage to trigger the free spins even after 500 rounds played, which was very frustrating. In our next sessions, we triggered them within our first 10 spins and won well over 50x our stake, which made up for the initial frustration.

Anything is possible here, so check it out yourself.


Mobile Free spins
Yes Yes
Lines Bonusround
Cluster Pays No
Reels Progressive
5 No
RTP Wild symbols
96.47% Yes
Min. Stake Autoplay
0.20 Yes
Max. Stake Multiplier
400 No
Volatility / Hit Frequency Scatters
Medium-High No
- -

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