Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a poker variant not unlike 5 Card Stud, but with some unique characteristics. The game is played against the house. After placing an ante bet of anywhere between $1.00 and $100, the player is then dealt 5 cards, all face up. Simultaneously, the house is also dealt five cards. However, only one of the house’s cards is face up, with the player being left to guess what sort of hand the other four cards might provide.

At this point, the player must decide if he/she wishes to gamble that the hand they have been dealt is better than anything the house may have. In order to call the bet, the player must wager three times their ante bet. So, for example, if the ante bet is $10 and the player likes the hand they have been dealt, they must play $30 to call. If they lose, they lose the $30. However, if they win, they will be returned $20, twice their ante.

Let’s take another example. The player places an ante bet of $5. They are dealt two pair, Aces and 8s while the house is dealt a King. Since this is a decent hand the player decides to call, thus upping their stake to $15. After revealing their cards, the house turns over only one pair of Kings, so the player wins. The amount the player wins is equal to their original ante, in this case $5.

Now, if we re-examine this example and imagine that the house had turned over now two but three Kings, then the house would have won the house. With that, the house would also have taken $15 from the player.

As you can see from these examples, Caribbean Stud offers the player a decent incentive to bet. With their entire hand revealed and a small insight into what the house may have, the player can use no small measure of skill and instinct to direct his calls and folds. However, when the player does call, they are taking quite a risk in terms of potential loss and potential reward.

There is also a Progressive Jackpot available when playing Caribbean Stud. To be in with a chance of winning this, the player must place a $1 wager in the Progressive pot. The Progressive jackpot is typically in the 5-figure range.

It is worth noting that the RTP (Return to Player) on Caribbean Stud is 94.79%, so there is quite a significant house edge. Having said that, there is quite a good deal of skill and wit required in knowing when to call and when to fold, so if you like this sort of game, then be sure to give Caribbean Stud a whirl.

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