NetEnt and Bethard team up for virtual live casino

by anja

NetEnt is one of the best live casino developers around. Bethard casino strives for innovation. The two companies just teamed up to create a new generation virtual live casino.

Three virtual tables, three astounding settings

NetEnt is known to make great live casino environments that are fully adaptable to their customers’ needs, allowing online casinos to create live casinos that truly reflect their brand. That was a major reason for Bethard casino, at home in Malta, to collaborate with the developer to create a new generation virtual live casino.

For now, three tables will be available to players, one roulette table and two blackjack tables, each with a unique environment that will leave players stunned (under water, volcano and outer space).

But it’s not all about the setting and atmosphere of these live casino tables. Ease of use for players is also an important factor. NetEnt created a multi-table environment with a multitude of camera positions that allows for a superior UX for players.

Indeed, the setup is such that players don’t even have to return to the lobby to change tables. Additionally, a special sports roulette table will also be available, where players can play roulette and watch live football results at the same time.

Excitement on all sides

The partners in this venture, NetEnt and Bethard, are understandably excited about this collaboration and hope to create a fantastic player experience.

Says Henrik Fagerlund, CPO of NetEnt: “Bethard is a super-ambitious brand with aggressive growth plans to match. With Next Level Live, we have jointly created a unique live casino experience that perfectly fits their personality and is guaranteed to boost engagement.”

Casino Manager at Bethard, Bjornar Heggernes adds: “Next Level Live allows us to have an unprecedented level of product ownership and control and the result is a live casino which is 100 percent Bethard. This authenticity means that players are getting the true and irreplaceable Bethard experience – we are sure our players will love it.”

If you’re a live casino fan, we recommend a visit at Bethard casino soon.

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