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Entropay is an online payment method that is popular at online casinos. Using Entropay customers create a disposable virtual Visa card that allows them to make online purchases with merchants who accept Entropay as a payment method. Learn all about Entropay here. Read more


Entropay has been around since 2003 and was originally founded by the people behind Ixaris Systems. This online payment method was conceived as a way for consumers to make online payments regardless of their location or credit-worthiness. The premise here, of course, is that credit cards are usually issued locally by a bank or credit union and that those applying for a credit card are usually required to have a good credit rating.

The credit rating of someone wanting to use Entropay is quite irrelevant, because Entropay doesn’t need to know how credit-worthy a customer is. Anyone using Entropay merely needs a means to deposit money into their Entropay account, which then creates a virtual Visa card that can be used for online transactions just like a real Visa card.

As such Entropay doesn’t hand out credits or credit cards, but instead facilitates online payments via their platform.

Signing up for an account

Any legally adult person can sign up for an Entropay account, which happens to be free of charge. It takes only about a minute to do so and you can choose €, £ or US$ as your currency.

Once the account is open, you have to options of funding it: by credit card or by bank transfer. A fee applies to either option; after all, Entropay has to finance itself somehow.

By funding your Entropay account, you actually create a virtual credit card, which is disposed of once the money on that virtual Visa is used up.

That way Entropay has now created over 6 million credit cards for their customers.

Deposits and withdrawals at online casinos

Entropay is an accepted payment option at a majority of online casinos. In order to make a deposit using Entropay, you have to go to the cashier of your chosen online casino, select Entropay and then the amount you wish to deposit.

You’ll have to be sure that the amount selected is actually available in your Entropay account. Then you can use the virtual Visa card number to fund your online casino account as well.

It’s as easy and straightforward as that. And since the virtual Visa card is disposed of at the end of the transaction, you never need to worry about fraudulent activity.

Thankfully withdrawals via Entropay are also possible. Once again you select Entropay as your chosen method when requesting a withdrawal. You select the amount you wish to withdraw and the money is then sent by the casino to your Entropay account. From there you may move the money to your personal banking account.

Be aware that a transaction fee may be charged by Entropay when doing so.

Bonuses and other advantages

Entropay payments are usually not excluded from participation in any online casino promotions or when claiming bonuses. As we already know, some payment options are excluded from welcome bonuses, but Entropay is not usually among them. At least we’ve never encountered such a scenario.

If you wish to use Entropay for your online casino transactions, you should generally be able to avail yourself of bonuses and promotions as well.

One of the main advantages of Entropay is its wide acceptance and the fact that the Visa cards created via Entropay are disposable and therefore absolutely safe.

Payments are processed just as quickly as they are if you were using a real credit card and money is moved around anonymously.

Online casinos using Entropay

You won’t have difficulties finding online casinos using Entropay. The majority of our preferred online casinos accepts Entropay as a method for deposits and withdrawals. Whilst you will have to decide whether or not Entropay is an option for you or not, when it comes to choosing the right online casinos, you have many other things to consider. Make sure to read our articles on that subject, which will help you make an informed decision.

There are a variety of aspects to consider when choosing the right casino for yourself and we have reviewed our casinos extensively to help you decide.

If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to let us know.

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