EuroJackpot Winner comes forward

by anja

On 7 February a 90 million EuroJackpot was last hit, but the winner did not come forward for weeks. Until now…

90 Million Euro Jackpot

The EuroJackpot starts at 10 million and climbs every week until it reaches 90 million, as long as no one with 5 correct numbers and 2 Euro numbers can claim the jackpot beforehand.

It actually happens quite often that the jackpot reaches its limit before it is finally won. Unlike the Lottery draw 6 out of 49, there is no forced payout after so many weeks. Instead, the other tiers of the lottery are also receiving more of the share, so that you could win over a million if you get 5 correct numbers and 1 Euro number.

This happened last on February 7th. The jackpot of 90 million had been won with the numbers 2, 13, 39, 45 and 47 and the Euro numbers 4 and 6. It was won by someone in Germany, where the ticket had been bought.

Search for the winner

Of course, the suspense is high when you hear about such a win, no matter where you are in Europe! Naturally, you want to know who the lucky person is, whether it is an individual or a syndicate. Do people even know about their luck?

Since no one came forward to claim the win even after three weeks, Westlotto finally searched for the lottery winner with posters in the Münsterland region. Although a winner has three years to claim the prize, it is, of course, a good idea to claim your prize in due time.

The winner makes contact and would like to remain anonymous

Finally, one month after winning, the winner contacted Westlotto. A reason for the delay was probably not given. But it is quite understandable that you have to wrap your head around winning such an incredible prize first.

In fact, Germans are quite cautious with big wins. They check the numbers countless times and behave rather soberly. There is neither party nor panic.

The winner has now claimed the jackpot, which was transferred by Westlotto directly on Monday, the 9th March, after all relevant information had been checked. And that is pretty much all we know. The winner asked for complete anonymity.

Accordingly, we don’t even know whether it is a man or a woman, let alone age or profession, marital status and the like. Understandable, however, because who would want to spread the word that you are suddenly a multi-millionaire?

By the way, if you fancy winning the EuroJackpot, there are over 60 million in the jackpot today. It’s Friday the 13th! Maybe this is your lucky day!