NetEnt’s new Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot

by anja

NetEnt introduced a new community jackpot system that will be available at various casino brands and NetEnt slots. It can win you a share of the pot even when you are offline.

Starburst PowerPots

NetEnt decided to go with one of their most popular and long-lasting titles when they created the new community jackpot systems. It will include various favourite NetEnt slots, among them undoubtedly the name-giving Starburst slot. A list of which games might be involved is not currently available, however, casino operators will be able to customise the experience anyway and likely include the titles they deem suitable.

As it is, the PowerPots system works across selected slots that players will continue to play more or less as they usually have. Now, however, they will be able to collect tokens as they progress through their gameplay and these tokens will fill up a progress bar.

Once the bar has been filled, all players who contributed to the jackpot, will receive a share of it (potentially based on the number of tokens collected?). This will happen even when players are not currently online at their casino.

So, you might return for a little slot session later in the day and find that you’ve won a share of a jackpot.

Customisable user experience

Similar to the Red Tiger jackpots, where online casinos can choose which jackpots (Must Fall, Daily, Mega or even Hourly jackpots) they want to include, the new PowerPots system will allow online casinos to customise the user experience as well. It will be possible to adjust RTPs, to allow for fast-hitting jackpot wins of smaller amounts or slow-paced jackpots that will accumulate larger amounts before they payout.

Casinos will also be able to adjust the prize setup and contributions. The idea is to drive the player engagement, of course, and to give players what they want.

Bryan Upton, Director of Games at NetEnt, says: “This is community gaming without the overengineering and overthought on what slot players really want. This product can fit into any operator’s portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life-changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots.”

Considering the massive success of Red Tiger’s jackpots, NetEnt might be onto something here and we shall see how players will take to the new PowerPots system.