If you are an online casino player then it is probably true to say that you are not going to find Scratchcards at the top of your list of Favorite Games To Play Online. However, in recent years many of the top online casino game design companies have been improving their range of Scratchcard games. Today’s range all boast unique pay-outs and themes.

In the early years of online casinos, the Scratchcard games really did not impress players. They were both very basic in design and often required you to play one set stake in the hope of winning a very modest pay-out, if you were lucky enough to win on one of them.

However, thanks to companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt, you can now play some great-paying Scratchcard games online. These let you play for multiple stake levels and they boast pay-outs which are often quite huge! Plus, when you compare the online Scratchcards with those you buy in land-based venues there really is no comparison, as the online variants always offer a much higher return to player pay-out percentage.

You will of course be able to sample the delights of playing Scratchcards online, either in a free play demo mode or for real money. With stake levels starting at just a few cents, they will not break your bank should you choose to give them a try!

How To Play Online Scratchcards

Playing Scratchcards online is very easy. First, you obviously need to choose one you wish to play and launch that particular game from the Scratchcard menu. Once it loads onto your screen, you then simply need to choose a stake you wish to play it for.

Once you have done that, you are faced with two different playing structures. You can either scratch off each panel on the Scratchcard yourself by moving and clicking your mouse over each panel, or you may prefer the game to automatically scratch the panels off for you. To do this you simply need to give the Reveal All (or similarly named button) a click and then all panels will be scratched automatically for you.

Should you have a winning combination of matching symbols or amounts then you will be a winner. The prize pay-out structure is always listed on the pay table attached to the Scratchcard game. Remember, the return to player pay-out percentage on all online Scratchcards is much higher than any other way of playing them. As such, you will get plenty more winning cards than you would by buying them in a shopping outlet!

Online Scratchcards Bonuses

The main attraction of playing Scratchcards at an online casino is that the majority of these casinos will allow you to play them if you have been awarded a casino bonus. If you are looking around for a casino game to play in the hope of making the play through requirements of a casino bonus, then Scratchcards offer you a way of doing just that!

However, as with all casino bonuses, it is important that you double check to ensure that you are permitted to play Scratchcards with the bonus you have been given. If you have then why not get stuck into a few of these great playing and paying games and keep those fingers crossed that you end up on a winning session!