ecoPayz is an eWallet that has was previously known as EcoCard. ecoPayz is a popular and widely available online payment service that can be used at online casinos as well. Learn more about the company and how it works here. Read more

About ecoPayz

When it was founded in 2000, ecoPayz was still called EcoCard. The company is based in Horsham, in den UK and is owned by PSI-Pay Ltd, which is part of PSI Holdings.

Whilst ecoPayz, or EcoCard, has been around for quite a long time, which makes it one of the longest established eWallets in existence, it didn’t really get recognized until 2008. That year PSI-Pay Ltd became formally regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under directive that were issued by the European Union.

As a newly regulated financial transaction service, the company immediately gained more trust and became more widely available.

In 2009 they launched their first iPhone app, which incidentally made them the first financial institution to launch one. This was only in followed by an Android app in 2014, though.

In 2013 the rebrand followed, when EcoCard became ecoPayz.

Previously EcoCard signed up with MasterCard to be able to issue prepaid MasterCards, though nowadays they actually work with Visa for that purpose. Additionally the company now issues virtual Visa cards, which are intended to be used once.

ecoPayz is available in nearly 160 countries and almost 50 different currencies.

Setting up an account

Signing up for an account is not difficult at all as long as you are legally an adult in your jurisdiction. Getting an ecoPayz account is free of charge, as is normal for eWallets. You simply need to complete an online form, get it verified and then deposit money from an existing account into your ecoPayz account to be able to use it.

Fees do apply when making deposits and withdrawals to and from your ecoPayz account, but they are fairly competitive among other eWallet providers.

Once your account contains funds, you can choose to transfer it funding your online casino account or make online purchases with merchants accepting ecoPayz. You’re also able to get a prepaid Visa card to use online or at retail stores worldwide.

Additionally you can now also simply get a virtual Visa card and use it for online purchases or add funds to your online casino account.

Deposits and withdrawals

Once again using your ecoPayz account to fund your online casino account is really easy. Head on over to the cashier of your chosen casino, select ecoPayz as your deposit option and then select the amount you want to deposit.

Since this is an eWallet, it’s easily possible to also use ecoPayz as a withdrawal method when requesting one with your online casino. There will rarely be fees involved when requesting such a withdrawal, but it’s always a good idea to check with your online casino.

Bonuses and other advantages

When using ecoPayz you will usually be able to grab any bonus or promotion available at your favourite online casino. We have never encountered any restrictions for the use of ecoPayz. So, as long as it is available, you’ll be able to sign up for the welcome bonus and any other promotion as well.

At the same time we’ve also never encountered special bonus offers for customers using ecoPayz, but if we ever should find them, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Another advantage of using ecoPayz is the availability of a prepaid Visa card, which you can easily top up once the funds on it are used. Of course, you have to have funds on it, because it is not a real credit card, which means you can only use existing money with it.

The virtual credit card that you can get from ecoPayz has its advantages as well. Once topped up and used up, it essentially vanishes, meaning it cannot be used in fraudulent ways. At the same time all transactions with ecoPayz are safe and secure and traceable, including virtual credit cards.

ecoPayz transactions are as safe as they come and the fact that the company is regulated by the FSA should give you confidence in their service.

Online casinos using ecoPayz

You won’t have difficulty finding an online casino offering ecoPayz as a payment option. It is not as widely available as other eWallets, but most online casinos do work with them.

ecoPayz is certainly a good and safe choice as an eWallet and you’ll be looking at quite a few other details when choosing the right online casino for you. Simply check out our extensive reviews before selecting an online casino you may find suitable.

If you need any additional guidance, make sure to read our guides on selecting the right online casino for you.

Benefits of Using EcoCard

Below are just some of the benefits of using EcoCard as your chosen web wallet of choice:
Quick Registration Process – To get your very own EcoCard account will take just a few minutes, simply visit their website and complete the registration form. Once you have done all of that, then you will be allocated your own unique EcoCard account. You will then be free to fund this account and to start transferring money into or out of any online casino which accepts EcoCard. And there are a large number of these casinos available.

Instant EcoCard Transactions –, Once you have authorized payment from your EcoCard account to any online casino then that payment is transferred right before your very eyes and instantly. You will never be left in limbo waiting for that payment to appear in your casino account, no matter at what time of the night or day you authorize it.

Easily Traceable – Your EcoCard account will keep details of all your transactions in and out of the account. So, when you log in to your own account, keeping track of all monies received and paid out is simple. This is of particular benefit if you happen to be gaming at a number of different online casinos, because having EcoCard as the source for all your funding will allow you to keep track of what you are spending and winning across the board. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Special EcoCard Exclusive Promotions – Some online casinos prefer EcoCard as a payment method. In order to encourage people to use it, you will find that many of them will have on-going special promotions for customers who deposit money using this payment service. Whilst the amount of bonus cash will vary from site to site, this can often be a great way to ensure you always get the maximum value and playing pleasure by using EcoCard. So, do look out for those promotions as there are a lot of online casinos offering them. Free casino cash is always welcomed by savvy players!

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