Cash Drop at LeoVegas

Leo Vegas is hosting a cash drop promotion worth €5,000 on two of Yggdrasil’s popular Gigablox slots. Join the fun now and win!

€5,000 Cash Drop

Head on over to LeoVegas now to play Yggdrasil’s two awesome slots Hades Gigablox and Lucky Neko Gigablox to join the latest cash drop.

The promotion kicked off yesterday, but worry not, there are still plenty of prizes available. Indeed, Yggdrasil always ensures that one of the main prizes is kept back for the last few hours of a promotion.

So, simply join the promotion over at LeoVegas, play one or both games featured during the cash drop and hope to win one of 115 prizes. Or win more than once! That’s an option too!

Prizes and further information

This is a small promotion with just €5,000 in the prize pool being handed out in 115 prizes. Players can hope to catch one of the following prizes:

1x €500 | 3x €250 | 6x €150 | 10x €100 | 15x €50 | 20x €25 | 60x €10

Whilst you can only trigger one prize per spin, you can win multiple times during this promotion – provided you’re lucky. As always, participating doesn’t guarantee a win, so mind your budget.

The promotion will continue until 23:59 on the 22nd April.

Only gameplay on Lucky Neko Gigablox and Hades Gigablox is valid and may trigger a win. Only real money wagers are eligible.

There is no minimum stake, which means any stake may trigger a win. Playing at a higher stake will not increase your chances at triggering a win.

All prizes are real cash that will be added to the winner’s account immediately.

Make sure to hit the “join now” button when launching one of the two participating games to actually enter the promotion.

If you are unable to see this promotion, you may live in a region where it is not featured.

Have fun with this cash drop and good luck!

Join the cash drop at LeoVegas now