New Game of Thrones Slot later this year

by anja

Microgaming has announced that they are developing a new Game of Thrones slot that will be created by their partner Slingshot Studios. Will it be better than the 2014 GoT slot?

Game of Thrones: Power Stacks

Whilst a release date for the new Game of Thrones slot is not clear yet, we do know it will be later this year. Microgaming partner Slingshot Studios will be developing this slot under license from HBO.

Jean-Luc Ferriere, Chief Commercial Officer at Microgaming, said:

“We are excited to extend our partnership with HBO to supply a new Game of Thrones online slot that honours and builds on the brand’s immense popularity.”

Clearly, there is still a market in 2020 for a slot featuring a series that has officially ended in 2019.

Of course, we haven’t been given many details about the slot per se. This time, however, characters are going to be featured and we can at least be sure of one feature: the Power Stacks. Whatever that may be.

Slingshot has done a pretty good job with their slots since they’ve started working with Microgaming, so we expect great things from the new Game of Thrones slot as well.

An improvement to the 2014 slot?

Given how downright boring the original Game of Thrones slot from 2014 is, it can only get better. Seriously, though, the first GoT slot featured none of the show’s characters and was completely unexciting with its features as well.

This is a story about dragons, murder, intrigue, beautiful queens and an army of undead ice zombies. And all we got was a slot where we could choose between 15 and 243 paylines.

In other words, it can only get better, though we will tame our expectations regardless, lest they are disappointed.

Of course, once the slot is released, we will thoroughly review it for you and make our recommendations as to whether it holds up and is playable for Game of Thrones fans.