Street Fighter and Gordon Ramsey coming to NetEnt

by anja

NetEnt has announced two new branded slots: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. What do we know?

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior coming in May

The first of the two new branded slots, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, is set for release on the 21st May this year. According to NetEnt, this slot will be based on the original arcade game from 1991 that has created revenues of roughly $10 billion to date. That makes it one of the most successful video games to ever be created.

Taking the eight iconic fighters Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Guile, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief and Dhalsim, NetEnt announced that they will stay true to the original graphics and feel of the video game. That means we will also see the boss fights against Balrog, Vega, Sagat and the evil M. Bison.

NetEnt are working with Capcom, who developed the original video game, and the hope is that we get a great slot experience that somehow manages to emulate the original fun.

Of course, there are considerable limitations given the format of slots versus video games, but expectations are high knowing that NetEnt tend to be very creative with their branded slots.

Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen

Honestly, with this one we don’t even really know when it will be released or what the exact title will be. It’s likely going to follow in summer or fall, however. And (in)famous TV chef Gordon Ramsey will feature front and centre.

Brian Upton, Director of Games at NetEnt, declared: “Gordon Ramsay is a true rock star of the restaurant world. His strong personality and use of colourful vocabulary as front-man of Hell’s Kitchen have earned him legend status as a multi-Michelin starred celebrity chef, with fans all over the world.”

That indicates we will certainly hear him cussing in the slot as well. And we can probably expect some familiar set designs and imagery from Hell’s Kitchen. NetEnt, after all, tries to stay true to the brand and Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t make it very difficult to create a recognisable slot.

We are certainly looking forward to both games, even if we may not be particular fans of either the video game or TV show.