Big Red Tiger jackpot wins at Casumo

by anja

A big win on a small bet? That’s what everyone hopes for and sometimes someone is lucky. At Casumo, a few players won big jackpots on just €0.20 on Red Tiger slots.

Must Fall Jackpots

Given that dozens of casinos feature the Red Tiger jackpots, you can guess that dozens of players win these jackpots every day. Usually, every casino features at least two of the three or four jackpots a Red Tiger slot can come with.

We get the Must Drop, Daily Drop, Mega Drop and soon the Hourly Drop jackpots. Depending on how many players are playing these games at a casino, the jackpots grow relatively big quite easily, making it possible to win several thousand or even ten thousand in just one spin.

The good news is, the size of your bet doesn’t necessarily determine whether you even have a chance of triggering a jackpot, so it’s possible to win big on small bets.

Jackpot wins on €0.20

It’s always nice to hear how a player somewhere at some casino managed to trigger the jackpot on a small bet. It gives us hope that we might one day be among the lucky ones. Of course, it would also be interesting to know how many spins it took the player, but that’s not something we usually hear about.

In any case, Casumo regularly announces big jackpot wins. In September, a surprising number of Red Tiger jackpots were won on €0.20 bets (or the currency equivalent).

Here are the wins in order of biggest to smallest win:

  • 49,355 x bet – won 9.871,06 € on a € 0.20 bet in Rainbow Jackpots on the 15th Sept
  • 35,232 x bet – won 7.046,59 € on a € 0.20 bet in Well of Wishes on the 18th Sept
  • 34,199 x bet – won 6.839,93 € on a € 0.20 bet in Wild Cats Multiline on the 24th Sept
  • 26,772 x bet – won 5.354,42 € on a €0.20 bet in Cinderella’s Ball slot on the 2nd Sept
  • 24,343 x bet – won £4,868.76 on a £0.20 bet in Mayan Gods on the 29th Sept
  • 24,116 x bet – won 4.823,26 € on a € 0.20 bet in Wild Cats Multiline also on the 2nd Sept

If you want to try your luck on the Red Tiger jackpots, head on over to Casumo now

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