Another Egyptian Slot from Play’n GO

by anja

Play’n GO just released Doom of Egypt, yet another slot with an Egyptian theme shortly after Rise of Dead. So, the question is, is this game necessary?

Doom of Egypt

Upon launching Doom of Egypt, you’d be forgiven to think that you’ve seen this one before. Because you have. Doom of Egypt is a mix of Rise of Egypt and Legacy of Egypt. The slot borrows heavily from both games. The dead pharaohs are 1:1 copies from Rise of Egypt and the scatter and low-value card symbols are directly copied from Legacy of Egypt.

Nobody could accuse Doom of Egypt of not looking good. It does. It still is a beautiful slot. It’s just not original. The makers simply recycled elements from previous slots, which, unfortunately, extends to the gameplay as well.

Here the game leans on Book of Dead, which itself was a copy of Book of Ra.

Out of ideas?

That’s the question, isn’t it? Is Play’n GO out of ideas? Do they have to recycle their own slots not just in gameplay but in looks as well? Is it a matter of simply churning out more slots to expand their portfolio?

Well, their most recent release Honey Rush is not only very original, but it is also beautifully designed and very clever. It’s a fun and engaging slot that you can keep playing for quite some time. So, no, Play’n GO aren’t exactly out of ideas.

But why the recycling then?

Johan Tornqvist, CEO of Play’n GO, said about the release of both slots:

“Honey Rush and Doom of Egypt are two great games to which we knew the market would react. Rather than rushing out a game at this time of year for the quick holiday win, we’re putting more durable and longer-lasting titles out into the market that will do just as well and have a longer shelf life. There’s a place for themed games and always will be but we’re not going to force it. If we come up with a great game for the holiday, we’ll put it out, but we have plenty of titles that everyone will love no matter what time of year.”

The holiday in question seems to have been Halloween, mind you.

Honestly, though, Doom of Egypt is an absolutely redundant game. It seems rather doubtful that it will find a lasting place among favoured Play’n GO titles.

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