ComeOn! withdrawing from UK market

by anja

ComeOn! casino is withdrawing from the UK market this month. With many changes in the UK market recently, the operator is looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

ComeOn! in the UK market

ComeOn! casino has been in the UK market offering their casino services to UK casino players since 2014. Holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission enabled them to do just that and it served to instil trust in customers that we have a safe and well-regulated operator here.

In the meantime, ComeOn! has been acquired by Cherry AB, becoming the operator’s flagship casino alongside a few other casino properties.

ComeOn! has been a popular choice in a competitive market and players have generally liked playing here. A lack of business is not the reason for ComeOn!’s decision to withdraw from the UK market. Although it is competitive, the UK market is also massive and offers room for a multitude of operators.

Changing UK market

However, lately, casinos and operators had to face a lot of changes in the UK market recently. Regulations are not only becoming stricter; they are also more strictly enforced. Quite a few operators have been fined in recent months and it seems ComeOn! doesn’t want to risk fines or find itself in breach of compliance.

Whilst this has never happened, the changing environment and stricter rules could very well result in violations of the current UKGC license.

Of course, a casino that is operating fairly and transparently should not have to worry about such things, but at the same time, the looming Brexit is also causing uncertainty among offshore operators.

Next steps

At the end of the day, it seems Cherry AB and ComeOn! want to avoid unnecessary financial risks by staying in an uncertain situation and therefore decided to pre-emptively remove themselves from the market. The operator announced that they will stop accepting players from the UK on the 23rd September and that all UK accounts will be closed by the 27th September.

For players in the UK that means they should not sign up to ComeOn! from here on in and are best served to stop playing here right away, removing their remaining funds from the casino. After ComeOn! will have closed all remaining accounts, withdrawals will be possible for a short amount of time, but this will become more difficult if you wait too long.

Whilst UK players will have plenty of alternatives to play at, it is a shame that they are forced to close their accounts like this.

If you are a UK player and have to close your account, head on over to ComeOn! now.

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