Red Tiger Gaming released 100th slot

by anja

The speed at which Red Tiger Gaming keeps releasing new slots lately is dizzying. Now they’ve released their 100th slot: Pirate’s Plenty – Battle for Gold.

Red Tiger Gaming’s 100th slot

We can barely keep up with reviewing Red Tiger’s slots for you, but we will continue to do so. One of the next games up is their newest slot release: Pirate’s Plenty – Battle for Gold. Incidentally, this is also their 100th slot release.

That’s very remarkable for a slot developer that has only been around for a few years. The company was founded in 2014, which is still fairly recent in industry times. Having been around for 5 years now, they have released an average of 20 titles per year, which is nearly 2 new slots per month. That’s more than most other developers who have been around much longer release in a month.

In fact, Red Tiger has picked up their pace during the last year more than ever before. If they continue like that, we can soon celebrate their 200th slots.

Stunning quality and wider spread

What surprises us the most is that they still keep up a stunning quality to their slot releases, given the pace at which new slots are added to the Red Tiger portfolio. Sure, not all games are of the same high standard. Some slots are simpler in gaming and look. But if we continue to get games such as Pirate’s Plenty – The Sunken Treasure, we won’t be complaining.

And Red Tiger is not just offering visually superb standards, but the gameplay is original and engaging as well. There is more than one reason why more and more online casinos are adding their games to their libraries.

In fact, lately, we feel every new casino we review is already equipped with their games. And their jackpots! After all, every single game of the Red Tiger portfolio can be added to their Must Fall jackpot network, which is a great bonus for players and makes the games even more attractive.

Pirate’s Plenty – Battle for Gold

Their 100th slot is not just a copy/paste sequel of the first Pirate’s Plenty slot. The game is graphically just as beautifully done as the first one and some features have been taken over as well, such as the Wild Monkey or the Map, where you can collect items and unlock further features once the Map is completed. But Battle for Gold is its own game with different and new features as well and it should be just as successful as the first Pirate’s Plenty slot.

We will be reviewing it for you very soon. But in the meantime, you can always try it out for yourself. We recommend PlayOjo as a great casino where you can do just that.

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