The Great Heist at Mr Green

by anja

Dead or Alive II has just been released and that’s a perfect reason to launch a big new promotion over at Mr Green. Win a gold barren worth €38k.

Phase 1 – The Locomotive

A successful heist has to be carefully planned and we’re in phase 1 over at Mr Green. It’s time to rob the train! This first part of the promotion runs until the 30th April, though the entire heist is set to last until the 15th May.

First of all, play 200 rounds on selected slots at €0.60 a spin to earn a ticket to win a barren of gold worth €38,000.

The selected slots are:

Dead or Alive 2 | Gold King | Sunny Shores | Dead Or Alive | Wild Wild West | Phoenix Reborn

You can collect a maximum of 100 tickets per day, which is an awful lot, to be honest.

Bonus bounty

As part of the first phase of the heist, an additional bounty is available to all participants who played a sufficient number of rounds at €0.60 minimum. The bounty will only be revealed once you achieve the goal. You can expect to receive bonus cash or free spins, which you will be notified of when the time comes.

The prizes

The main prizes raffled off on the 15th May are the following:

  • 1st prize – 1kg gold barren worth €38k
  • 2nd prize – €1,000
  • 3rd prize – €850
  • 4th prize – €750
  • 5th prize – €650
  • 6th to 10th prize – €150
  • 11th to 20th prize – €100

The €10,000 Cash Saloon

But we’re not quite done at Mr Green for this week. Once again, a cash drop awaits and all you need to do is here play three Yggdrasil slots and wait for the cash to drop into your lap. The minimum bet to qualify is €0.80.

The available prizes are: 1x € 1,500 | 1x € 1,000 | 1x € 500 | 1x € 300 | 1x € 200 | 5x € 150 | 10x € 100 | 30x € 75 | 50x € 50

Remaining prizes are updated every 60 seconds. And cash prizes will be added to winners’ account immediately.

Have fun with this first part of the great heist and good luck!

Rob the train at Mr Green now

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