NetEnt announces two new branded slots

by anja

NetEnt is among the leading slot developers of licensed slots. They now announced a new Conan the Barbarian and an Ozzy Osbourne slot.

Conan the Barbarian

The franchise is still alive and well, especially since there was a Conan movie not that long ago, though nobody can forget Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his very first roles. Conan is actually a mythical character based originally on books. But he has been given his own movies and even video games.

Now he is set to make an appearance in his very own video slot, which NetEnt says will use material from different sources. So, there’s no telling, if he’ll look more like Arnie or Jason Momoa, who last played him. Or if he gets a unique face.

Since the story plays in a magic realm full of sorcerers, weird creatures and savagery, the slot will likely look pretty awesome. But we couldn’t begin to guess what the features might look like. NetEnt is keeping quiet about it and so we’ll have to wait.

Another Rock Slot

Honestly, we didn’t really believe that NetEnt was done with their Rock Slot series, which currently pay homage to Guns ‘n Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead.

Indeed, NetEnt now made a deal with Global Merchandise Service, who manage Ozzy’s brand, which will give NetEnt access to materials from his life, including the music, images and other details that will help them create a slot that will do the Prince of Darkness justice. Or so fans will surely be hoping. But the previous Rock Slots didn’t disappoint and so we’re looking forward to what’s coming.

No release date has been given for either of the slots, but we expect to see them later this year. Perhaps one title is even released before the first half is over.

In the meantime you can enjoy the other Rock Slots at online casinos such as Maria Casino.