Quickspin releases Dwarfs Gone Wild

by anja

Quickspin just released what they call their ‘most ambitious slot yet’: Dwarfs Gone Wild. It’s their flagship game of the year, but will it hold up?

Dwarfs Gone Wild

Quickspin is known for making beautiful slots with often unique themes. They’re entertaining and fun and all a little bit similar. Now, with Dwarfs Gone Wild, they claim to have brought us their most ambitious slot yet and promise us something new.

Well, is it really? The theme is a new take on Snow White, of course, and all seven dwarves feature. They’re certainly not the dwarves we’ve come to know. Indeed, they have a lot more character than we’ve ever seen them have before. We get Bomber, Strongman, Hunter, Banker, Blacksmith, Racer and Wizard. Yeah, that’s definitely unusual. Those dwarves aren’t out mining for minerals or even gold, they all have jobs. Why not…

Snow White features as well, by the way.

So, at the very least this slow looks interesting and has indeed much for us to look at. But are the features exciting?

As usual, it’s all about the free spins. That’s nothing new with Quickspin slots and here, too, we get mostly more wilds to look forward to, though they are not guaranteed.

With seven dwarves we get seven free spin options, and depending on how many gold carts you get, you may receive between 1 and 7 features. Most features will (or just may) give you extra wilds in some form or another, but two features also come with multipliers or extra spins, which is a good thing to have.

Should you try the new Quickspin slot?

We’ll aim to give you a more thorough review at some point, for now the question is whether or not we can recommend the slot. Well, we like Quickspin as a developer. They make great games, even though there is as much variety and innovation in the gameplay as we would hope for. Still, Dwarfs Gone Wild is worth a look, because it’s many different free spin features, which can combine in any which way, leaves things a little more open and surprising.

The slot looks cool and will entertain you for a while, so why don’t you give it a spin at LeoVegas for instance?

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