888 Casino presents itself in a new outfit

by anja

888 is one of the best known and most well established online casino brands in the world. Now they’ve launched a new web design for the first time in forever.

Easier to navigate

888 has always been a thoroughly modern casino that has never failed to go with the times and stay up-to-date. That’s true for their offering and has been true for their web design as well. It was clean, sleek and simple. Though, admittedly, not always that easy to navigate. In fact, it was at time difficult to find what you were looking for and at some point, the website left you a little frustrated.

Form over function is not always a good strategy, and especially the form (i.e. the layout) needed to be adjusted.

Going with the players’ needs, 888 therefore completely overhauled their web design and re-launched the site and let us tell you, we’re a little blown away.

The casino is still very recognizable in its brand, but 888 seems to have emulated the classics as well as most modern casinos at once. The black background and the bright green highlights are still there, but games have been equipped with large, bright icons and additional tags such as ‘new’, ‘hot’ or ‘888’ (for the proprietary games).

The layout is much more user-friendly, giving us a neat and easily accessible menu on the left-hand side that allows us to navigate where we need to go.

And yes, whilst the approach is more of a classic one, the site is still very modern and now a joy to navigate.

Mobile first

Additionally, the new version of the casino’s website has been launched with a mobile-first mindset. Recognizing that more and more players access online casinos via mobile devices and on-the-go, the emphasis has been put on a fantastic mobile experience. Thus, the mobile page also received a makeover and it works exceedingly well.

Mobile players get a much better experience playing on the mobile devices than before, which includes a better navigation and faster loading times.

All services that are available via the desktop page can also be accessed mobile to give players an improved experience.

Enjoy 888’s new casino experience now