Quickspin introduces new tournament feature

by anja

Adding to their promotional features, slot developer Quickspin announced their new tournament feature that will add excitement to their games.

Quickspin tournaments

Slot tournaments are a great way of retaining customers and get them to participate more actively. It’s an added benefit of playing certain slots, especially if they’re among your favourites, and gives players a chance to win something extra.

The new tournament feature for Quickspin slots will do just that. Players can simply join in and play selected slots during contests. Tournaments may aim to have you collect winning combinations completed by wild symbols, collecting scatters or such things.

Integrated leaderboards

Of course, players will want to know their standings and rankings. Online casinos featuring these tournaments won’t have to do any additional work here, because leaderboards come fully integrated, which is very handy.

Players can just open up the slots participating in the tournament and find all relevant information there, including their ranking on the leaderboard.

Also, casinos will be able to select themes for the features, which allows them to run seasonal promotions around the year, including Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Proud developer

Quickspin is among the developers who are proud of their games and do a lot for gamification and variety in gameplay for their players. They already rolled out the Achievement Engine and Achievement Races to add excitement to their games. And a few online casinos featuring Quickspin slots make full use of the features.

Daniel Lindberg, Quickspin’s CEO, says: “We are all very proud to be bringing our new Tournaments feature, which piles on the excitement with an added layer of interactivity that we are sure players will love. Our Achievements Engine and Achievements Races underline our flair for implementing gamification, and the new Tournaments feature is a natural extension of our expertise.”

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