Rival Gaming Software Departs from UK Gambling Market

by harry

Rival Gaming, an online gambling turnkey provider of software and games, has pulled out of the UK gambling market. The move is in accordance with the communication from licenses to affiliates and players that have been advised that their actions on UK soil will be blocked from July 25, 2015.

Even though there has been no official reason for Rival’s departure of the UK market, it is speculated that the new UK licensing regulations for software providers may be a bit too difficult to comply with at this point. Nevertheless, Rival Gaming is very active and it will continue to be active in other parts of the world where it offers quality online gambling services and content.

In order to obtain a UK license to practice online gambling in the United Kingdom, software providers and operators have to agree on certain obligatory operational disclosures and compliance measures which may make some of the companies uncomfortable. Perhaps this is the reason why Rival Gaming pulled out of this market.

According to the most recent annual report from the UK Gambling Commission, it is noted that since the introduction and effect of the new regulations, there has been a little evidence of black market activates. It is also evident that a number of operators have discontinued their operations and departed from the UK market rather than contravene with the regulatory measures and rick more difficult operational activity.