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New Bonuses

There are quite a few factors that play into a great online casino experience: software, design, customer service and, of course, casino bonuses and promotions. Online casinos come in all sizes and shapes, catering to a specific clientele or trying to attract just about anyone. Whether you will feel at home at a casino or wish to sign up there depends on a variety of factors. But one of your first considerations is likely to be the casino bonus/es that is/are on offer.

For instance, is there only a sign-up offer, but nothing further? You might wish to give that one a pass. It’s not merely about customer acquisition; it should also be about customer retention. Players don’t just want to be attracted one time; they wish to be valued and one way for a casino to show their appreciation or new casino bonuses all the time. Or at least regularly.

In effort to be competitive in a huge market that is home to hundreds of online casinos, bonuses play a big role. Thus new casino bonuses are introduced all the time. Whether they are new sign-up offers or bonuses for existing players – online casinos will employ all means available to get you to play with them or stay there, if you are already a member.

A new casino bonus should, of course, be more attractive than an old bonus or what the competition has to offer. Therefore online casinos will make sure to highlight all the advantages, but keep in mind that there will always be fine print to consider and we will help you navigate its pitfalls.

Don’t just give into temptation, do your homework first. We will tell you how to best go about it.

What you need to know about New Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses, whether old or new, are a marketing tool. The online casino industry has been around for about two decades now and in order to have an advantage over landbased casinos, online casinos very quickly learned that bonus offers manage to attract players.

With more and more online casinos in the market, the variety of offers has become ever more extensive. When you are presented with a new casino bonus, you’ll find the percentage, bonus amount and number of free spins highlighted to attract you, but everything else is usually kept to the small print.

In order not to be reeled in, you will need to learn what types of bonuses there are and what to look out for when choosing one. Receiving a lot of extra cash and tons of free spins might sound good on paper, but with prohibitive wagering conditions you may not get much out of it afterwards.

Let’s first look at the types of bonuses you may encounter:

  • Bonus Cash Welcome bonus
  • Free Spins Welcome bonus
  • Combo Welcome bonus – bonus cash + free spins
  • No deposit bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Cashback bonus

Bonus Cash Welcome Bonus: This one is certainly the most common bonus type you’ll encounter. Whether as a welcome bonus or a recurring bonus offer. Here you will have to make a deposit first (usually of a minimum amount of €20) and the casino will match that amount with a certain percentage anywhere between 25% and 200%. More often than not you’ll get 100% on top of your own deposit, but always with a maximum amount possible. That means, you may get 100% and up to €100 extra. This type of bonus tends to be regularly renewed by online casinos, usually because they realise that an old offer may no longer be attractive. So a new casino bonus is needed.

Free Spins Welcome Bonus: This type of offer is mostly aimed at slot players. Especially casinos focussed on slots will make sure to also offer free spin bonuses. Sometimes a welcome offer is comprised solely of free spins, which can usually be claimed on one specific slot only, sometimes on a number of different slots. Plenty of online casinos launch new free spin bonuses regularly, though the amount of free spins you may receive tends to be smaller than for a welcome bonus.

Combo Welcome Bonus: A combination of bonus cash and free spins is quite attractive to a lot of players and is therefore becoming more common as a new casino bonus. You may well find that an online casino that previously only offered cash bonuses will eventually add free spins into the mix as well. Most of the time a minimum deposit is required to activate the free spins, however. Other times free spins are handed out in increments, especially if more than 100 are part of the welcome offer. You’ll be looking at receiving 10 spins for 10 days, for instance. With such bonuses the terms and conditions will likely be more specific, with different sections for the bonus cash and the free spins, so read them particularly careful.

No deposit bonus: This is a bonus you won’t see that much. Often newer online casinos will have them, because they are quite attractive when it comes to players testing such new casinos. Here you merely register an account and receive a set amount of bonus cash that you can pretty much use as you please. Wagering requirements are often very strict and the bonus amount tends to be quite small as well. A no deposit bonus may be offered as a new casino bonus as well, then almost always for a limited time only, when a casino tries to boost sign-ups.

Reload bonus: This is a very common new casino bonus and many online casinos, new and old, will run them frequently. Some even run them once per week. This is usually a match-bonus, were you get some bonus funds on top of your own deposit. A reload bonus can only be used by existing and active players when they are making a fresh deposit. Contrary to a welcome bonus, this one rarely offers 100% on top of your own deposit. Mostly you are likely to receive 10% to 50%.

Cashback bonus: This is also a relatively common new casino bonus. These bonuses take into account that you can’t always be lucky. They tend to be available for a limited time only and will take into account your losses over a period of time (say a weekend). If you really happen to be unlucky, you may get 5% or 10% of your losses back, if you claim such a bonus. There are restrictions on cashback bonuses as well, but they are usually not overly strict.

What to look for in New Casino Bonuses

This is the most important part. You will want to remember that casino bonuses are marketing tools. You are the customer that a casino is trying to attract and as such certain mechanics are employed to make new casino bonuses look particularly appealing to you. But there are advertising standards that online casinos have to adhere to, which especially the UK Gambling Commission is keen on regulating.

So, don’t just follow the flashing signs to the sign-up button, but look out for a few things beforehand:

  • A bonus should state clearly what’s on offer and what you have to expect
  • Basic terms and conditions should be stated with the offer (validity, wagering requirements, minimum deposit)
  • But a full breakdown should be available no more than a click away, including all conditions applicable when using the bonus and what is required before a withdrawal is possible
  • Check for reasonable bonus requirements – our casino bonus section will tell you more about this

How we help

Apart from giving you comprehensive guidelines on all kinds of casino bonuses, including new ones, we also aim to bring you extensive casino reviews, which include the bonuses available at those casinos. We will not only expand our list of reviewed casinos, but in our news section we will inform you of new casino bonuses as they come up, including all the important bits and pieces on wagering requirements and validity of a bonus (i.e. how long you may be able to use it).

So make sure to check in frequently.