Best India Online Casinos in 2021

The Indian online gambling market is massive and it continues to grow year after year. Gambling has a long tradition in India, and we’re not just talking about classic card games, but dice games as well and native casino games like Andar Bahar, Flish, Passa and Paplu.

More and more online casinos discover India as a market, though there are already plenty of operators out there that specifically cater to the Asian market, including the Indian Subcontinent. Our preferred online casinos are primarily based in Europe, but that should not deter you. We do a full health check on all casinos before we recommend them and we’ll let you know what to look out for before signing up somewhere.

We’ll try to answer the most important questions you might have right here for you. Among them are: Can I play in my currency? Is the casino safe even with a European license? Can I use the bonuses and promotions on offer? Are all games available to me or are there exceptions?

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Finding the best casino for you

We check for a great many things when we are reviewing our online casinos. We even compiled a guide on specific criteria we’re looking out for when we’re checking those casinos. Here’s a brief overview of what you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a great casinos that you can play as a customer in India as well.

Is the casino offering gambling to Indian customers?

Every online casino has a list of excluded countries. Sometimes the list is shorter, other times it’s quite extensive. If a casino is listed in this section then it will, of course, be available to customers from India. If you’re trying to find out whether a casino that we don’t list here is available to you, you will need to check the terms and conditions, where that information is provided.

Is the casino safe?

Needless to say that the casinos we recommend are all perfectly safe. The majority of our preferred casinos have one or more European licenses, which have been issued by Gibraltar, Malta or the UK. Especially casinos with more than one license can be considered particularly trustworthy. Additionally we will check for other certificates that audit casinos for fairness and player protection among other things. And we make sure that the casinos use the latest technology to secure transactions and protect personal data.

Are bonuses and promotions available to me?

Each promotion or bonus always comes with specific conditions pertaining to it. Oftentimes it will also be specified where a promotion is available, sometimes it will only say: “Available to customers in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal”. Or something to that effect. Once again, the general terms and conditions usually state whether a region is excluded from bonus offers. We can’t always guarantee that you might be able to peruse a welcome offer, but our recommended casinos for Indian customers usually have some offers available. But special conditions will likely apply

Can I play all games?

In our casino reviews we always check which games and providers a casino offers. Not all of them may also be available overseas, however. That’s often a question of missing licenses. Some providers make sure to obtain licenses from the jurisdictions where they wish to offer their games. If such licenses are not available, as could be the case in India, a software provider will opt not to offer their games there.

Customer service

The most important thing you’ll want to know is whether or not customer service is available 24/7 and ideally via live chat. Considering that most of our online casinos are indeed based in Europe, this is the only way you can be certain that you’ll be able to talk to their customer service when a problem should arise or you have any questions. If a customer service has limited availability, you may have trouble reaching them due to the time difference, however. We will always mention when, how long and by what means you can reach a casino’s customer service team.

Available deposit methods

Another important thing to check for are available deposit methods. Almost all online casinos accept Visa and MasterCard internationally. But there may be local banking options that you might wish to use or a preferred eWallet. We’ll mention the most widely available deposit options, but for local methods you may have to check with the casino yourself. There are simply too many of them for us to list them all, but plenty of online casinos provide a huge number of payment options.

Our reviewed casinos

Our preferred online casinos that are available to customers from India have been thoroughly checked. We cover many aspects before we recommend a casino and all casinos listed here are safe and reliable. Not all of them are perfect, but we wouldn’t recommend a casino, if we had major complaints.

If we are aware of specific rules applying to international customers, we will endeavour to make a mention of this. But you will need to read terms and conditions of an online casino yourself before signing up. It’s impossible for up to cover those in every detail.

Also, should you have personal experiences with one of our casinos listed here, we encourage you to leave your own thoughts on them here.



That question is not easily answered. In some states gambling is legal, which includes online gambling. But there are no nationwide rules. The Indian government has no specific regulation for online gambling in place, which makes it more or less a grey area. Indian players are generally able to visit international casinos. The ones we list here are definitely available for Indian customers.

Not necessarily. Many online casinos that cater to an international clientele will try to offer as many currencies as possible, but they may not always offer Indian Rupees as well. All the big online casinos always provide a list of supported currencies. And customer service will let you know as well. Alternative currencies are an option, however, and you may prefer to play in US Dollar anyway.

Generally speaking a casino licensed in Europe is most certainly safe for you to play at. At the very least you can be assured that the casino is well regulated, especially if it holds more than one license. Whether or not a European jurisdiction is able to help you should you encounter any troubles with a particular casino is a different matter altogether. Complaints are always taken seriously, though, no matter where they come from. Additionally, sites such as ours are at the very least a platform for your grievances, should you have any.

Our hope is that the casinos listed here also make their promotions available to customers from India. As it is, if they are listed here, you can count on Indian players being welcome at these casinos, otherwise we would not list them. But bonuses and promotions always come with a long list of rules and some have exceptions based on your residency. Thus you’ll have to read the bonus terms specifically as we cannot list them all.

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