Many of you will be more familiar with Bingo from land-based casinos or venues, often being played by an older generation of players. However, Bingo has been available online for a few years now and it continues to grow in popularity. A key reason for this is the fact that online Bingo tends to have a far great RTP (Return to Player) than its land-based counterpart, and it offers an alternative to standard casino games such as Slots and Table games.

The rules for Bingo are quite simple and not dissimilar to Keno. The player is given a card with 3 panels on it. Each panel contains 25 random numbers, all numbers being between 1 and 75. The panels are laid out in 5X5 grids. A draw drum containing 75 numbers is located at the top right of the screen and, upon instruction from the player, numbers are drawn from the drum and crossed off on the card.

The panels on the Bingo card are marker B-I-N-G-O across the top and down the side. As the numbers are crossed off each 5X5 grid, you will be hoping that the word BINGO is spelled out on one single straight line. This can be a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. The pay-outs can be worked out via the pay table at the bottom right of the screen. You can also earn a pay-out for filling four corners of a grid.

Pay-outs in Bingo are determined by how many balls were required to spell out BINGO. To win the Progressive Jackpot, you must fill in a single line with the first 5 or 6 Balls drawn. $1,000 is earned if B-I-N-G-O is spelled out with the first 8 balls. If B-I-N-G-O is spelled out with the 9th to 11th ball, a $200 pay-out is earned, and so on.

The player can opt to play with 1, 2 or 3 Bingo cards in play. With 3 cards in play, the maximum stake is $6 for 9 panels, which won’t cost you the Earth. A key feature of Bingo is that game settings can be changed to speed up the whole process. Or, you can play at a snail’s pace for a more authentic experience!

The RTP (Return to Player) for Bingo is 90%, which is rather less than for Slots and Card Games, but which is much better than for Keno and land-based Bingo. As such, Bingo will offer better value for those players who are used to the land-based version. And if you are not familiar with Bingo, give it a shot. It is simple, enjoyable and makes a welcome change to the usual casino game.

Play Bingo on the following casinos

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Mobil 6000 Mobil 6000 Review - 9.10/10 €30 100% 100 Netent Play now
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