Micro Knights


Micro Knights Slot Review

Microg Knights is a video slot from ELK Studios with a 7×7 grid and cluster wins. Released in February 2020, this game can be played at online casinos such as Casumo, ComeOn! and LeoVegas.

Theme and general information

Micro Knights is an odd little slot. When you open it up on your desktop computer in landscape mode, you get a sprawling forest landscape with medieval villages in the background and a grid setup that looks like a fortress. There’s a Monty Python sort of feeling to it, especially the odd-looking knights that man the fortress. Oh, and there’s a dragon clutching a little watch tower in front as well. It doesn’t look fearsome at all.

Anyway, in landscape mode you get to enjoy the surrounding landscape, but the reel set itself looks cramped and you can barely discern any details in the very detailed symbols on the reels. It’s probably better to play this one on your mobile device in portrait mode, where the game looks like one of those many cluster winning bejewelled games you can get from the iStore of the Google Play store.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that the symbols on the reels are not simple either, which makes the reels look overloaded. In any case, we get a ham, a well, an arrow target and a grumpy mushroom as the low value symbols. Look at the paytable to get some of the great details if you’re interested. The high value symbols are a cute bunny with a carrot, a smiley green frog, a dope goat and a buff bull. The latter is the most valuable symbol, paying out 250x our stake for a grid of 20 or more bulls.

Since this is a cluster pay slot, a minimum of 5 matching symbols need to align vertically or horizontally to form a win.

You can play this game from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin.

Feature Flags for various modifiers

Playing this game will feel very confusing for a long time. Lots of things seem to be happening, but truly grasping the goings ons is not easy. The dragon plays a role and the queue that is pointing towards it.

There’s a Charging Knight on the left-hand side and a meter on the right-hand side that fills with consecutive wins. The knight with the mace is the Smashing Knight.

Let’s explain the Feature Flags first. Whenever the meter on the right-hand side fills up, one of the Feature Flags is dropped, awarding the following:

  • Boosted Queue – All symbols in the Queue are used to make winning combinations
  • Charge – 2 to 5 rows of the grid are moved to the Queue
  • Epic Charge – All rows are moved to the Queue
  • Extra Wilds – Between 3 and 15 wilds are randomly added to the grid
  • Inferno – The dragon breathes fire at the reel, removing all low value symbols
  • Super Size – A large 4×4 symbol is dropped onto the grid

The Charging Knight moves up and down the grid on the left-hand side and randomly charges at a row, removing all symbols from it, which then drop down to the Queue, where they line up. The Smashing Knight can just as randomly increase each symbol counter in the Queue by one.

The symbols in the Queue line up as they match, so if three bunnies were removed, a bunny with the number 3 stands in the Queue now. Should there be a cluster of bunnies on the grid during the current spin, the bunnies in the Queue will now be added to it, thereby expanding the cluster and increasing the win. When the symbol has been used, it is removed from the Queue and the next one in line can be used.

Once you play this slot, this will become a little easier to follow and understand. In any case, if the cluster wins stop and a fresh spin starts, both the Win Meter and the Queue are reset.

Free spins with just more of the same

We need at least three scatters on the reels to trigger 5 free spins. During the free spins the features function exactly the same as they do in the base game. Now, however, the Queue and the Win Meter don’t reset. That makes it much easier to score consecutive cluster wins, which in turn makes it feel as if you are playing more spins than just the 5 you are given.

Verdict: A somewhat bizarre little slot you’ll either love or hate

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) for Micro Knights is a solid 96% average. The slot is quite volatile but not at the top end. And the maximum payout sits at about 2,500x our stake.

In many ways, Micro Knights from ELK Studios is completely average, at least where the numbers are concerned. The graphics don’t wow, especially when you are playing on your desktop or laptop computer, where you squint at the grid symbols trying to make out any details.

And the gameplay is confusing for a while when you start playing. It’s really a strange little slot and whether you love it or hate it depends on your sense of humour, whether you like grid slots with cluster pays and also whether you manage to score any decent wins at all in this game. Honestly, we probably won’t go back to this one.


Mobile Free spins
Yes Yes
Lines Bonusround
Cluster pays No
Reels Progressive
7 No
RTP Wild symbols
96.00% Yes
Min. Stake Autoplay
0.20 Yes
Max. Stake Multiplier
100 No
Volatility / Hit Frequency Scatters
Medium-High No
- -

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