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Here you will find quite a number of casino games that you’ll be able to play for free. We’ll give you an overview of the game and its features and provide you with a list of casinos where you can play the games, if you’re interested. Read more

Types of games to play

There are many different kinds of casino games to play for free. We have sorted them into the following categories:

Video slots: the largest number of casino games available at just about any online casino. Video slots typically have a theme of some kind (science fiction, fairy tale, contemporary, etc.) and have some sort of bonus feature, which can be simple and straightforward (for instance in Starburst) or quite involved with numerous options (such as Koi Princess). Video slots also offer great and often elaborate graphics and superb sound effects and background music.

Classic slots: Classic slots are usually fruit machines. They hail back to the beginning of slot machines in land-based casinos. They often have only three reels and not much to offer when it comes to bonus features. Simply spin away and hope for a good winning combination. The reels showcase all kinds of fruits (typically cherries, oranges, melons, etc.) as well as the classic BAR, 7 and bell symbols. They make for some easy entertainment and have a timeless appeal.

Table games: Or classic casino games. Here you’ll find roulette, blackjack and baccarat first and foremost, but games such as sic bo, pontoon, red dog and others are also available in this section. Mostly table games are card games, but roulette is found here as well. Some casinos that are particularly well equipped will also offer dice games here such as craps.

Poker: Casino poker games are quite popular, though perhaps not as popular as actual poker tables that are part of a poker network, where you play against other real players. Casino poker games allow you to learn the different versions, you get the feeling of playing an actual table, even though you’re all by yourself and you can try out different strategies. We’ve reviewed some popular choices here.

Video Poker: Not to be mistaken for casino poker. The games are not as beautiful as actual casino poker games and have more of an automated feel to them. You will often be able to play more than one hand at a time as well. These games are quite fun and sometimes have really good RTPs.

Other games: This category exists at most online casinos as well, because some games simply can’t be classified in one of the above options. Here you’ll find keno, bingo, sports and other skill games. There is often a huge variety of games for you to try. Our selection is currently somewhat limited, but you’ll get the idea.

Why play for free

That’s the main question, isn’t it? If you can play with real money and win something, why would you want to play for free? Well, the answer is pretty easy: learn the game before you risk any money.

Whether you make yourself familiar with a particular slot or learn the ins and outs of video poker or casino poker, your best bet (no pun intended) is to try a game for free before wagering real money on it. That way you not only learn the rules of a game, but you will figure out whether you even like a particular game or not.

Why would you want to spend any money on a slot that you will soon realise you don’t even like? Even a game that promises a high RTP may not actually pay out much, if you don’t know how it works. And there are few things more tedious than betting money on a game that you end up finding horribly boring.

So try it for free first. Our reviews can only tell you so much about a game. We will give you the facts straight up and we will let you know whether we enjoyed a game or not. But such things are subjective and ultimately you will have to figure things out on your own. Doing so for free is most certainly the better option.

And once you do know how a game works and you find that you really do like it, you still have plenty of opportunity to wager real money and walk away with real winnings.

Preparing for real money games

And that should not be underestimated. First and foremost you should play for your enjoyment, because winning is never guaranteed, no matter how much a game promises to pay you back (anything over 96% RTP is pretty decent).

Trying games for free, no matter which category, will teach you how to play a particular game and you will learn which ones you prefer and perhaps even have a talent for. Additionally you will learn something about your own wagering. What kind of player are you? The careful type aiming to stretch your budget, or someone who risks a little more, but won’t play for hours? Just because you’re not risking any of your own money when playing for free, doesn’t mean you won’t play as you would as if you were indeed playing with your own money.

So use the opportunity to learn something about your own gambling behaviour before risking any of your own money and prepare yourself when you do decide to wager some of it.

Leave your thoughts

You have the opportunity to leave your own thoughts on all of the games we’re introducing here, so please do. We always like to hear from our players and it may help others to decide whether they even want to try a game or not.

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