Explaining online casino wagering requirements

Explaining online casino wagering requirements

Online casinos ensure there are wagering requirements and terms in place to avoid any free bonus abuse. Free bonuses are offered through online gaming to allow players the opportunity to build up their bankroll instead of cashing out. If you are new to the gaming world, these requirements may seem a little excessive; however, once you understand the concept, you will see the purpose behind these specific conditions. In a nutshell, wagering means the amount of cash you need to bet to receive a bonus win into your cash balance account.

Wagering and play through

Wagering or as some call it “play through” need to be fulfilled for online players to play specific games on the online casino platforms. Your wager is put in place for you to build up your bonuses, and cannot be abused by fly by night players who register in order to cash out their bonus before actually betting on a game. The requirements allow players to bet an amount close to or matching your initial deposit a number of times and building up a pot of free bonuses, then allows you to cash out.

Majority of online casinos base their requirements on bonuses offers as well as the first deposit made by the player. For example, if you lay down a $50 deposit, and get a bonus deposit of 50%, the casino will require the player to play perhaps 10x the value of the initial deposit and free bonus in order to work out what needs to be wagered.

This does differentiate from casino to casino, and there are no fixed wager requirements, however, you will be required to build up that pool of cash before cashing out. When it comes to the table games such as roulette and craps, the requirements may differ and may not need the player to bet multiple times in order to meet the cash out requirements. Casinos also have their specific restriction in place on the slot games and table games which you would have to read carefully on whichever platform you are registering on.

New players should compare sites initially to see what free bonuses and promotions are offered in order to make their wagers worth their while. Check the ratings and rankings of the site and read the reviews from other players, this really helps to get an idea of what your requirements and benefits are.

Bonuses explained

Bonuses are varied from site to site and are specific to each game. There are commonly known sign up bonuses which you can acquire just for signing up, meaning you can scout the site without wagering your own cash, but still cannot withdraw the bonus as cash. No-deposit bonuses are offered with no initial deposit needed by the player; however, they have specific wagering requirements. Welcome bonuses are the best free cash offers you can receive, which usually have a match bonus to whatever amount you put into your personal gaming account. So if you deposit $50 the casino will match that amount and you will have $100 to play as you like. Most casinos allow you the opportunity to reload your bonus as a match bonus once the welcome bonus has been used. You cannot sign up on multiple online casino sites and expect to cash out on your welcome bonuses, this is the very reason there are these specific requirements and conditions in place.

Claiming your bonus

In order to claim your bonuses, you need to carefully read and understand the terms and requirements for the online gaming platform you are registering with and what deposit amounts need to be wagered. Bonuses you receive on mobile casino help prolong the playing period for players and allow them to enjoy the experience; after all, it is a game. If you are truly in it to win it; the wagering requirement is the amount you need to bet to get your bonus wins – and your cash pay-out once you have reached a specific allocated amount.

Your wager balance

You will be able to view your balances by clicking on the cash balance link on your registered profile. Link will also show you what you have available to withdraw should you have enough in the pot to cash out. The various games you play will offer different variations of wagers and requirements. You will gather more experience and master the art of wagering as you go along.

Wager Requirements Summary

Players, may in the beginning of their gaming journey, feel like they are being led through hoops and corners, but the reasoning for these requirements is actually to protect the online gaming world and their serious players. Players can play cleverly and get bonuses from the time of registration, and through responsible winning, build up their winning pool, and eventually, cash out on some real big cash!

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