Online bingo has become a major pastime for millions of people over recent years. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that playing online is so much cheaper and easier to do than to visit a land-based Bingo Club. Land-based venues often have massive overheads and bingo players have woken up to the fact that very poor value is offered in such venues. So, many have started to play bingo online more often and in greater numbers.

The benefits of playing bingo online, as opposed to at a Bingo club, is that it is obviously more easily accessible. As well as this, there is also a more diverse range of bingo games on offer online, which means that no matter what your bingo playing budget, you are always going to find plenty of bingo games being offered with card prices that will never break the bank.

You will also find plenty of free online bingo games available. Usually, these games are reserved for regular players at one or more bingo sites. However, with real money prizes on offer you really should see if the online bingo sites at which you regularly play offer these free games. If not, find one that does. We have plenty of bingo sites listed and each one has something completely unique to offer you as a new and regular player.

How To Play Online Bingo

There are three main types of bingo games played online. If you have not come across all three types before then below we have a guide to each one of them. They all offer you a unique playing structure and you are guaranteed to find one to suit your own personal playing style.

The one thing to bear in mind when you are playing bingo online, as opposed to playing it in a Bingo Club, is that the software always keeps track of each ticket you have purchased and will cross off the numbers for you. In fact, when you have a winning ticket the software also calls Bingo for you, so you do not need to lift a finger!

You can buy any number of bingo tickets and cards for any game you wish to play up to a maximum permitted number of tickets per player. Many of our featured bingo sites will also let you pre-buy tickets in advance for the big money jackpot games, so you do not even need to be online when they are playing to stand a chance of winning one of those large jackpot pay-outs!

75 Ball Bingo

This game uses 75 bingo balls in the bingo drum, but you may have already guessed that! The bingo cards used on this game come in a grid formation. There are five columns and five rows across and the centre square is a free square which means no number is allocated to it so you can cross this of automatically on each and every game of 75 ball bingo you play.

The most common winning patterns used on 75 ball bingo are the straight lines. If you are the first player in any game who crosses off all of the numbers in a line anywhere on any ticket, then you are a winner. Another winning pattern commonly played is getting all four corner numbers crossed off.

The vast majority of online bingo sites do not even require you to download any software to play their bingo games, as they are powered by Flash and that means they load and play instantly. This means you can get straight down to playing bingo with no hanging around or any kind of delays.

80 Ball Bingo

This is one of the newer types of bingo games found online. The game uses 80 bingo balls and the bingo cards have sixteen numbers on each one. This particular game, like the game above, uses cards and tickets presented in a grid formation with four rows across and four columns down. This 80 Ball Bingo game is a much quicker bingo variant to play, so if you like playing speed bingo then give 80 Ball Bingo a try.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular and most commonly found bingo game either online or in a land-based venue. Each ticket has 15 numbers on it, these will be a random sequence of numbers from one to ninety and each ticket has three rows across with each row containing five numbers.

90 Ball Bingo is made up of three rounds. The first is played for one line across and this part of the game has a modest prize on offer. Next is the Two Line game, which boasts a bigger prize pool and the first player to get two lines crossed off on any one ticket or card is the winner. If more than one player does this then the prize money is shared equally amongst all winning players.

The final part of a 90 Ball Bingo game is the full house and the first player who manages to cross off all three lines of numbers on any one ticket or bingo card wins the biggest prize on offer, the full house pay-out.

Online Bingo Bonuses

The most generous bonuses at any type of online gambling site are reserved for Bingo players. Often, many of the leading bingo sites will not only give you a huge and very generous sign up bonus but will also give you on-going reload bonuses.

This means that by hunting around the various online casinos, you can find sites to play that ensure that each and every time you deposit there, you will be given a bonus! This means you will get plenty of Bingo playing action guaranteed whenever you log on to play and that could be the difference between a winning and losing session!

Top 5 Online Bingo Casinos

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ComeOn Review - 9.20/10 €25 100% 35x (d+b) 20 Casino Spins Extraspins Netent Play now
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Kaboo Casino Review - 9.10/10 €100 100% 30x 50 Free Spins Netent Play now