Many land-based betting companies have launched their own online betting sites and you can now place a wager on a massive range of sporting events, whenever you get the urge. The main advantage of betting online is that you can instantly track down the best pay-out odds being offered for that sporting event, so tremendous value can be had by moving your land-based betting action online.

All of the common or more exotic bets can be made online, so no matter what kind of betting action you want, you can find online. Below is a guide to betting online.

How To Bet Online

Betting online is quite a simple process. If you have ever visited a Bookmakers or Sportsbook, then all of the popular types of wagers found in these venues are available in the online environment. To give you a deeper insight into these betting types, we have listed some of the more popular ones below for you.

Single Wagers

This is the most common type of wager placed online or in a land-based venue. You are simply betting on one particular outcome, whether it is a horse to win a race or a soccer team to win a match. The odds on every runner or competitor will be offered by the online betting site. If you like the potential value of this price then you can place your single wager. If it wins then you are paid out at the odds you have taken.

Double Wager

When you fancy two different horses in different races, you can place a bet known as a Double wager. You simply place a stake on the two runners, specifying to the Bookie or Sportsbook that the bet is a Double Wager. If the first horse wins, then your winnings and the original stake are placed on the second horse. If that wins, then you are paid out at the odds taken. You can win a lot of money on these kinds of wager. However, both runners have to finish first.


An accumulator is a wager on multiple horses in different races, or teams in a number of sports events such as Basketball, Soccer or Rugby. The stake and winnings from each successful bet in the Accumulator are placed on the next bet, so that your stake is being multiplied by each successful bet. All bets nominated in the wager must be successful, but if they are then some very large pay-outs are possible.

Each Way Wagers

If you wish to place a wager but are not 100% confident that your selection is going to win, then you may opt to place an Each-Way bet. This is a two-part wager which requires two separate stakes. You are betting on your chosen horse or team to win with the first stake, whilst also betting that the horse or team will be placed in one of the winning positions. Winning positions would usually mean first, second, third and, sometimes, fourth. Should the selection win, you have won both wagers. However, if it comes second or third you still win via the second part of the wager.

Forecast Wager

This is a great wager to make when you are looking for high returns for relatively low stakes. When you place a forecast wager you have to pick a selection to come first and second in a sporting event such as in a horse race. If your prediction proves to be correct, then you will win the dividend announced at the end of the race.

There is also a Reverse Forecast wager, which lets you pick two selections and if they finish first and second in any order, then you wager is a winning one. However, this wager is going to cost your double the price of a standard forecast wager.

Tricast Wager

Much like the Forecast wager above, a Tricast Wager is a great-paying bet when you actually correctly predict the outcome of the event you have gambled on. A Tricast will see you having to pick the first, second and third in any sporting event in the correct order. The dividends for these kinds of wagers are much higher than a Forecast, but naturally they are harder to predict.

A Reverse Tricast wager will let you pick three selections to finish first, second and third in any order. However, this kind of wager is six times the price of a standard Tricast wager, as you are essentially betting on 6 different permutations.

Online Betting Bonuses

The bonuses awarded when using a betting account are very different to those offered when you play at an online casino, as Deposit Match Bonuses are very rare on betting sites. Instead, you are more likely to come across free bets being given away when you sign up to an online betting site. The most common one is a Free Bet to the same value of the first one you place.

Another popular type of bonus offered at betting sites is a compensation wager. Should your selection in a sporting event not win but a listed other event happens, then you will get your money back. For example, if your Correct Score bet doesn’t win but a certain player scores the first or last goal then your stake money is returned. These compensation bets are very diverse in nature but can often pay off.